“Student” Kit

Drum Lessons in Wrightstown, PA

Recording Custom drums for students

Yamaha Recording Custom
22×16 kick drum
10×8 tom
12×8 tom
14×12 suspended tom

Also available:
15×13 and 16×14 suspended toms
Ludwig 5×14 Supraphonic snare
A & K Zildjian cymbals
DW9000 double kick pedal
Tama Iron Cobra Glide hi-hat stand

Teacher’s Kit

Drum Lessons in Holland, PA

Yamaha PHX kit for Teacher

Yamaha Phoenix (PHX)
22×18 or 20×16 kick drum
10×7 tom
12×8 tom
14×13 & 16×15 floor toms
various snare drums (see below)

K Zildjian and Sabian cymbals
DW9000 double kick pedal
Tama Iron Cobra Glide hi-hat stand

Other Kits

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute
22×18 or 20×16 kick drum
10×8 tom
12×8 tom
14×14 & 16×16 floor toms

Yamaha Live Oak Custom
18×14 or 20×16 kick drum
10×7 tom
12×8 tom (2)
14×13 & 16×15 floor toms

1960’s Leedy
22×12 kick drum
12×8 tom & 16×14

Recording Equipment and Outboard Gear

Toft ATB32

Toft ATB32 – 32 channel Mixing Console
Lynx Aurora AD/DA Convertors
Pro Tools 12
Waves Plug-Ins
iMac 27″ with additional 27″ Thunderbolt Display
Two Glyph 2TB hard drives
Focal CMS 50 reference monitors
Grace m903 Reference headphone amplifier, DAC, monitor controller
Furman HDS-16 Headphone Distribution System
Five Furman HRM-16 Headphone Remote Mixers
API 3124+
Lexicon MX200 Reverb

Toft desk

Toft ATB32 console

Toft mixer
Symetrix SE-400 Stereo Parametric Equalizer
dbx 166XL 2-channel Compressor/Limiter/Gate
PreSonus ACP88 8-channel Compressor/Limiter with Noise Gates
Ebtech 8-channel Hum Eliminator
Byer-Dynamic DT 770 PRO/80 headphones
DrumKat;; PoleKat (midi controllers)
Roland R-8 Human Rhythm Composer (drum machine)
Roland R-8M

Video Gear

Six Canon Vixia HF R300 HD Camcorder cameras
Three flat screen Samsung 40″ color monitors
Mac mini w/dedicated Logitech webcam
Samsung DVD player
Sony DVR to record all drum lessons


1 AKG D112
1 pair AKG C414 XLS
1 Audio Technica AT2020
1 Byer-Dynamic M422N(C)
1 Cascade Fat Head II Lund Single Ribbon (Lundahl)
1 EV RE-10 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone ‘Baby’ RE-20 Variable-D
1 pair Grundig GDSM200 vintage stereo microphones
1 Miktek CV4 Large Diaphram Condenser
1 pair Rode NT5’s
4 Sennheiser MD 421’s
1 Shure Beta 52A
1 pair Shure KSM141’s
2 Shure KSM32’s
3 Shure SM57’s
1 Shure Beta 57A
1 Shure Beta 58
1 Shure SM58
1 Shure SM59
1 pair Shure SM81’s
4 Shure Beta 98 D/S’s

Snare Drums

Vintage snare drums: Leedy; Leedy & Ludwig; Rogers; Slingerland; Ludwig

Brady 4 1/2 x14 (Jarrah finish)
Vintage snare drums: Leedy; Leedy & Ludwig; Rogers; Slingerland; Ludwig
Gretsch 5″x14″ wood (black)
Gretsch 5 1/2”x14″ brass (COB)
Leedy 5″x14″ wood (duco finish —red with yellow stripe)
Leedy 5″x14″ brass (1930’s)
Leedy 6 1/2”x14″ wood (1930’s)
Leedy & Ludwig 5 1/2”x14″ wood
Ludwig 3″x13″ brass
Ludwig 3 1/2” x 13″ wood (1950’s)
Ludwig 4 1/2”x15″ metal
Ludwig 5 1/2”x14″Super Sensitive
Ludwig 5″x14″ wood (1930’s)
Ludwig 5″x14″ wood (1950’s)
Ludwig 6 1/2”x14″ Black Beauty (metal)
Ludwig & Ludwig 4 1/2”x14″wood (1920’s)

Snare drums: Yamaha; Gretsch; Ludwig; Nodar Rode

Nodar Rode 7″x14″ wood
Rogers Banner 5″x14″ wood (1960’s)
Rogers Dynasonic 5″x14″ wood (1950’s)
Slingerland 5″x14″ metal
Snare drums: Yamaha; Gretsch; Ludwig; Nodar Rode
Slingerland 5 1/2”x14″ Radio King (1950’s)
WFL 6 1/2”x14″ wood
WFL 7″x14″ wood
WFL 7″x15″ wood
Yamaha 3 1/2” x14″ brass
Yamaha 4″ x14″ Maple Custom Absolute
Yamaha Dave Weckl 5″ x13″ Maple
Yamaha Dave Weckl 5 1/2” x14″ Brass
Yamaha 5 1/2” x14″ Maple Custom Absolute Nouveau
Yamaha 7″ x14″ Maple Custom Absolute
Yamaha 5 1/2” x14″ Copper
Yamaha 6″ x12″ Musashi Oak
Yamaha 6 1/2” x13″ brass
Yamaha 6 1/2” x13″ Steve Jordon (wood)